Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know About Your Taxes to Save Money and Avoid a Nasty Surprise from the IRS

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Leading tax-prep company discovers hundreds of thousands of Americans owe taxes on their cryptocurrency profits – are you one of them? 

Out of 250,000 tax returns processed by Credit Karma this year, only 100 people declared their crypto profits. That means a huge number of people haven’t declared any cryptocurrency-related activity. And if that’s you – it’s okay, because it’s impossible to find good information about how to file crypto taxes! 

There’s conflicting info everywhere. Website A says you should do this. Website B says you should do the opposite. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. That’s why I created this simple guide to cryptocurrency taxes – so you can minimize your burden and maximize your hard-earned profits, all in a way that’s 100 percent compliant with the IRS. 

In this audiobook, you’ll discover:  

  • One simple trick, overlooked by many investors, that could shave more than half off your tax bill
  • When cryptos are and aren’t subject to capital gains tax
  • How the IRS knows about your cryptocurrency 
  • The one form Binance account holders need to know
  • How to legally invest in cryptocurrencies tax-free 
  • And much, much more

Worried about having to pay huge amounts of back taxes? You needn’t be. Every situation is different, but it’s unlikely due to the relative age of crypto as an asset. 

So if you want to know how you can legally minimize your crypto tax burden and become compliant with the IRS, click “Buy Now” to receive your audiobook instantly!

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