THE NOT SO LAZY MAN’S GUIDE TO BECOMING A CRYPTOCURRENCY MILLIONAIRE!: “Nothing beats earning money while you sleep; 24/7/365!”




This is NOT a self-help book… it is a help yourself book!Christopher is one of the world’s leading investigative criminologists andTIMES Top-Ten listed bestselling author specialising in sexual serial homicide, having interviewed/interrogated one-on-one more than 30 of the worst serial murderers and mass murderers in recent history – far more than anyone else.He has cleared up several COLD CASE murders and he has been awarded the FBI’s prestigious Behavioral Science Unit (think The Silence of the Lambs) lapel pin in recognition of his work, amongst numerous other letters of commendation from law enforcement agencies in many other jurisdictions across the globe.For two decades, Christopher – also one of our bestselling true crime writers with over 35 books published mainstream and a TV documentary consultant – turns his eagle eye on Cryptocurrency.After a chance meeting with one of the world’s most successful Cryptocurrency traders in Cebu, Philippines, Christopher decided to get inside the head of ‘Bitcoin Pete’ and forensically dig deeper into the phenomenon that is all-too-fascinating, often mind-blowing; is it all pie-in-the-sky, a short term fad, or is it all-too-real?The answer to these questions, and many more, are answered: Christopher suggests that it’s a real no-brainer not to get involved in Cryptocurrency, for if you play your cards right a fortune is here for the taking.

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