Cryptocurrency: FAQ – Answering 53 of Your Burning Questions about Bitcoin, Investing, Scams, ICOs and Trading




Have you ever felt like, no matter how much reading or research you do on the cryptocurrency market – it’s never enough?

Do you feel like you’re always too late to the party when it comes to investing in cryptos? That’s OK – many investors feel the same way. In fact, I get questions all the time from people just like you. Question like… Technical analysis or fundamentals – what matters more when investing? And How will SEC regulation affect cryptocurrency? So inside, I’ve answered the most common questions from my email subscribers, forum users and social media commenters. In Cryptocurrency: Frequently Asked Questions you’ll discover:

  • Is this top 75 coin a scam? – Page 59
  • What everyone needs to understand about Monero – Page 60
  • Will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin this year? – Page 65
  • Is your portfolio too diversified? – Page 26
  • What government regulation will really mean for cryptocurrency – Page 32
  • What you need to understand about ICOs in 2018 and beyond – Page 41
  • Understand the difference between Ripple and XRP – Page 55
  • Could Litecoin be worth more than Bitcoin Cash this year? – Page 69
  • When is the best time to buy Bitcoin? – Page 23
  • How to avoid these red flags when examining a project – Page 45
  • How to spot a masternode scam – Page 36
  • You won’t believe the audacity of this scam ICO, yet it still raised almost $1 million from unaware investors. Make sure you don’t fall for the next one – Page 47
  • The safest place to store your coins – Page 89
  • Technicals or fundamentals – what matters more when investing? – Page 58
  • What every investor needs to know about Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash – Page 73 …and much, much more! Plus not one, but two free bonuses! Even if cryptocurrency seems overwhelming to you – don’t worry. All the content inside is written in a non-technical, easy to understand manner. Because believe me, you don’t want to be left out in the cold on this one. Thinking “if only I’d invested then…” So if you don’t want to miss out on 10X, 100X or even 1000X gains – all of which happen regularly within the crypto market. Click “add to cart” to receive your book instantly!
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