Learning Blockchain in Java: A step-by-step approach




This book is for anyone who is interested in learning or understanding blockchain technology through step-by-step programming. The ideal readers would be those with basic Java programming knowledge (either beginners or intermediate) as this book shows how to develop a preliminary blockchain system in Java. You may have wondered what blockchain is and how it works, and you may have heard of mining and wallet. There are quite a few books available out there talking about them. When you read those books, you may develop pieces of understanding here and there. Well, we know that learning by doing is the best education approach, which is what this book offers. In this book, each chapter begins with an explanation of blockchain concepts before moving on to discuss relevant Java programs that implement those concepts. You will accumulate knowledge via hands-on experience in code-writing and learn several versions of blockchain systems. The book includes all required source codes, which are also available online. After reading and practicing along with the book, you are ready to go as a blockchain developer.One advantage of this book is that no third-party software packages are required to follow along with the tutorials – everything explained in this book can be accomplished with OpenJDK, and the sample codes are written entirely in Java. The book is divided into multiple chapters with succeeding chapters building upon the concepts reviewed in previous chapters. However, each chapter covers inherently different material and so they can also be taken independently. The last chapter discusses the importance of secure coding and concludes the book with case studies of several malicious attacks that had occurred in the cryptocurrency world.

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