Bitcoin Log Book: Standard Trading Log Book; Journal & Diary for All CryptoCurrency Trading Decisions; Wide Ruled Book…




Imagine writing down all your Cryptocurrency Trading ideas that lead you to the right trades! This JOURNAL is suitable for writing anything, calculating interest, adapting to the trade and estimating when you will retire. Imagine your financial goals, then write them here. Visualize that perfect vacation, and describe it here. What if you could write with a flourish and without having to cram into tiny lines. This journal is wide ruled for that precise reason. The paper that is used works well with a variety of writing instruments, pencil, ballpoint pen, fountain pen, felt tip pens, or gels pens The Journal is 7.44” by 9.69” and has 135 pages. The finish is gloss which makes it easy to keep fingerprint free. What if you made this a gift for your friend? Imagine having one in every room, for that spur of the moment inspiration when you just have to write it down! What if your To-Do List found its’ perfect home? Or simply use it as an all-purpose notebook for everyday use. The possibilities have are unlimited.

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