Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know (Business & Finance)




Is Bitcoin going to revolutionise the financial sector or become terrorists’ new best friend? Well…it could be either. But do you even know what it is? How it works? And what to understand before you consider investing? At 10 Minute Guru they’ve created a series of ‘micro-books’ to help you get your head round some of the most important topics impacting our world today. Whether it’s for your own curiosity, preparing for a job interview, dinner party or hot date their aim is to give you enough information to impress. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee or two and learn a whole a new topic. And what of the authors of 10 Minute Guru? Sorry to say they’re not your typical Gurus from the foothills of the Himalayas. Instead they are a small team (just two to be honest) who following graduation from Cambridge, spent over a decade in the City working in Consulting and Finance perfecting the art of researching and distilling complex information. Looking to escape the rat race and realizing how their experience could help the time-poor and those thirsty to learn the idea of 10 Minute Guru was born. In this ‘micro-book’ on Bitcoin you’ll learn: • What Bitcoin is and how it works • What a Bitcoin Wallet is • Why money is a belief system • How you can make Bitcoin through mining • Why Bitcoin protects from hyperinflation • Why Bitcoin could replace Gold as a means of storing wealth • How a small Micronesian island was the template for Bitcoin • Why criminals love Bitcoin and how it made the Silk Road possible • Why governments don’t want you to own Bitcoin • How Wikileaks creator Julian Assange was part of the birth of Bitcoin • How a pizza cost $10 million • Why Ethereum and ripple threaten to become as big • What Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson think about Bitcoin The book also includes the ‘Guru Toolkit’ listing recommended books and documentaries, a timeline of important dates and quotes, a jargon buster and useful social media accounts to follow.

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