Bitcoin and Blockchain: Cryptocurrency, technology swallowed by avarice




“This book effectively explains blockchain technology in plain English.

In depth analysis on both technical details and financial and economic aspects of blockchain. You will be explained every inch of technical details of blockchain in plain English. On top of that, the financial aspect of current scam is fully described in part 2 of this book. Blockchain is never an omnipotence! You need clear understanding on blockchain not to be fooled by scammers surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This book is quite unique in that it not only explains full details of blockchain technology but also discusses on the current phenomena of cryptocurrencies.
All details are enough to serve for even programmer level but are all explained in easy and plain English and cannot be easier in its description. To clearly understand advantages and disadvantages of blockchain you need this comprehensive explanation on blockchain!

[From technical detail to financial perspective of cryptocurrency]
This book explains every details of blockchain technology in plain English. General public as well as programmers can get full understanding on how blockchain works and why it is designed so from the beginning. Based on this technical analysis, we discuss current phenomena of cryptocurrency in financial and economic aspect. In Appendix, you also will get a programmer level full detailed explanation on blockchain technology for further study.

On top of this, you will clearly understand what are the strong points of blockchain and what are the weak points of it at the same time. Blockchain is never an omnipotence.

Groundless advocacy and anthem will lose ground in front of you once you firmly understand the very core of blockchain with this book.

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