A Loading Dose of Sense: Sifting through Beads: The Root Cause of Civil Society. Money Genealogy and Cryptocurrency…




In this book the author clearly described the most important stages of society evolution and developed institutions which emergence was conditioned with a certain necessity. While reading, you will be able to find an explanation of the processes in modern world and “feel” the logic of evolution. Within the framework of this logic some social processes of developing countries have become more active. At the same time, it influenced the formation of the modern banking system, which we are accustomed to, the emergence of cryptocurrencies, which, at first glance, still look somewhat strange. Once having your mind abstracted from ordinary ideas, you will see the consistency of all these processes as successive stages of evolution. That is why this book shall find public interest in developed countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries since it describes the origins of the existing public and state institutions. There is a certain benefit in this, so that the citizens of those countries would not forget where their relative well-being comes from. The motivation of the development of society is also discussed and, having realized that, the reader in a developing or “regime” country will be able to see what “went wrong” in terms of evolution in his/her surroundings: in the city, country, etc. The standpoint proposed by the author is free from stereotypes, so it is possible to comprehend the real motives of society established various institutions. The book clearly shows the consequences of violation of the natural principle of property and social relations, confirming by that the correctness of the author’s conclusions on this subject. It is desirable to include this society study approach to the textbooks and educational materials on sociology, social philosophy, economics and finance along with the traditional one, with the aim of deeper understanding by students.

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