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What is cryptology? Find out the key data for crypto traders, new features review, future trading, spot exchange, countries, and pros and cons.

The platform for exchanging cryptocurrency called Cryptology is a convenient place for crypto-assets traders as well as for investors. The service can be taken advantage of by both new users and more professional traders who have been in this realm for years and have vast experience. If you are a first-timer and don’t know how to buy crypto, this platform will be a good starting point.

Using Cryptology has been designed to be simple and straightforward. That is why it’s a great choice for those who are only at the first stages of the crypto journey, especially considering that Cryptology goes with no commission for future trading.

Characteristics That Will Ease Crypto Trader’s Lives

  • Speed. When using online services especially if it concerns financial transactions, speed is one of the most important factors. The way how fast the withdrawal is processed is one of the reasons many crypto traders choose Cryptology since the operations are conducted the moment they are claimed.
  • Convenience. The easier the service is to use, the better the client experience is. This is crucial for any online service and this crypto platform is a convenient one with an interface that is understood with no special guidance.
  • Countries. The number of countries covered by Cryptology is pretty impressive and it is surely something traders are checking on since there’s no worse scenario where one has registered on service and got notified about the country restriction and understanding that the precious time has just been wasted.
  • Fees. Trading is based on striving to multiply the finances and getting the most out of all the transactions as well as not wasting money. Thus, the best way to buy crypto is to find the services that have the lowest fees for using them such as Cryptology.
  • Leverage. This feature helps traders to increase their earnings exponentially which is a nice incentive especially for the experienced traders who know when to use it for the most benefit.
  • Available Pairs. The service offers twelve pair types and this is a nice spot, considering if the trader doesn’t want to spend time analyzing minor cryptocurrencies but instead keep an eye on the main ones to notice plausible beneficial transactions.

Cryptology Review

This review of Cryptology will specify the details of signing up, verification, fees, features, and general pros and cons of the platform. The service has no fees for futures trading and this attractive condition also goes with an additional benefit that grants traders a $100 bonus for using the platform. The bonus is allocated for the first $100 deposit for every new user and the leverage is 100x.

Cryptology Earn, a New Feature Review

The Cryptology Earn service for generating passive income has been introduced by Cryptology recently in 2021. Since September the traders are given the possibility to earn using cryptocurrency investment from their bank cards. The daily stats allow them to keep track of the earnings and sell or buy crypto at the most convenient timing. The deposits are free here and the earnings amount depends on whether the trader uses cryptocurrency or the stable currency.

Sign Up

Typing in your name, surname, your email, and coming up with a password is just enough to get signed up on the platform. There’s also an option of signing up with a Google account, however no matter which way you choose, the process is always accompanied by terms of the obligatory platform acceptance.

Another point is that signing up is possible for an institutional or personal account. If you are fine with access only to the trading account, you can create a personal one. The trading account gives the possibility to only withdraw crypto finances whereas the Global account allows using bank cards although withdrawing fiat money is available only with a wire transfer.

You can also get your newcomer gift for signing up in the shape of a $100 bonus for the first deposit of $100.


Verification in Cryptology is divided into two stages:

  • the basic one will require your ID and a selfie with it, your passport and driving license;
  • the full verification needs your address to be confirmed which helps to overcome the limit of $10,000 given after the basic verification.

Spot Exchange and Future Trading

The interface of the Cryptology Futures trading and Spot Exchange is designed in such a way that users intuitively understand how the platform operates. As for the futures, the service provides a feature of choosing the leverage, and the exchange side has a helpful Trading View chart, trade history, and your order book. You can trade BTC Futures (Bitcoin Futures) or any other crypto Futures once the verification has been completed.

Cryptology Fees

For takers and makers, the trading fee is currently 0.002 and for other exchanges, on crypto, the fee variations are dictated by the volume of trading. The minimal credit and debit cards deposit of €20, or $25, or ₽1,000 are being paid with a 2.65% fee if we consider the fiat money.

In case the trader is based in Brazil, the fees vary and have the starting point of 1.7 percent and the top indicator at 3.6 percent where the minimum deposit is just $1. For a minimal deposit of €1 via EUR SEPA the fee is 0.45 percent. Wire transferring has no fee at all for the minimal deposit of €25 or $25, although it is available only to the users who have passed the full process of verification.

Keep in mind that withdrawals are not possible for all the assets since different terms are applied to the transactions with digital currency.


The Cryptology platform can be used by traders from all over the world except the ones based in Japan and the US. The leading blockchain ecosystem called Binance has recently left Germany, Italy, and Holland thus making traders look for new services such as Cryptology.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Cryptology service include:

  • the incentive in the shape of a $100 bonus given to the newbies for the equal deposit;
  • availability in the whole world except for the US and Japan;
  • simple sign up and verification processes;
  • Futures trading fee, including BTC Futures trading, is as low as zero percent until the 30th of September;
  • the leverage in futures trading is 100x (only for the users who have been fully verified);
  • Cryptology Earn feature for passive income;
  • the minimum order is only $0.10 or the same amount in other currencies;
  • support service that responds quickly to any questions that need to be clarified in a short amount of time.

There are some cons on the other hand:

  • absence of withdrawing fiat money in case of using personal account;
  • no availability in Japan and the US;
  • Currently, there’s no margin trading on Cryptology as for the spot exchanges.

All in all, the platform has a lot to offer to both the new clients and the ones who already use it. Cryptology offers a generous bonus for the first deposit and also makes sure it develops and expands, the example of which is a new feature of Cryptology Earn. See if this platform is a good fit for your trading experience.

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