Brett Rossi and Spankchain Explain Ethereum

Remember when no one knew how the internet worked? Well, we’re at that phase for BLOCKCHAIN, a strange new technology that will form the foundation of finance for decades to come. Watch adult actress Brett Rossi break it down for you in a way that is easy to understand.

Video transcript:

hi I’m Brent Rossi and I’m here to talk to you about blockchain specifically the area why it’s important and how to get started you’re probably wondering what exactly is a blockchain blockchain technology is essentially an internet database for transactions these transactions use what we call crypto currency or crypto and exist completely out of bank and government control it’s basically cash for the internet ether is the crypto that powers the Ethereum blockchain it can be used to send and receive transactions run programs and securely hold funds without any fraud censorship or third party interference unlike banks and traditional payment apps with Ethereum your money is your money safe and in your control like most adult industry professionals I’ve had to deal with the effects of systemic discrimination from our banks and payment processors like closing our accounts without notice which is why I’m so excited for Ethereum the first thing you’ll need is a digital wallet for your either your wallet is a set of two keys a public key and a private key the public key is like a username your private key is your password essentially your public key is for transactions and your private key is kept to yourself we’ll be using cypher browser as an example of a wallet first download the app from the App Store and open it up you’ll be shown a set of words this is called your seed phrase it can be used to recover your private key anyone with access to these words has access to your wallet so don’t share it with anyone write down your seed phrase and put it somewhere safe now that you’re in you can see how much either you have and how much it’s worth at the time similar to the concept of the stock market in order to receive ether copy your address and share it with the people who want to pay you to buy ether you’ll need to sign up for any of the numerous exchanges that sell either but you’ll have to do a bit of your own research that’s it you can now send and receive ether you can even tip my tits on crypto titties while remaining in full control of your funds and one step closer to a more empowered future join us on Ethereum in the part of the financial revolution.

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