These Small Cap Cryptocurrency Projects Are Worth Researching

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency breakthroughs continue to occur at breakneck speed, the opportunity to invest in upcoming projects can yield huge returns. These are some interesting cryptocurrency projects with a market capitalization under 30 million USD worth researching.

These Small Cap Cryptocurrency Projects Are Worth Researching

Blockport – 15 million market cap

Beta was released around two weeks ago and is currently being tested by beta testers. It should be out to the public up to within a maximum of 6 weeks.

Beta offers FIAT to crypto and vice-versa. Not only does it provide FIAT to crypto gateway and vice-versa, it allows you to trade across exchanges on its own exchange, which is great for simplicity sake. Its main goal is to be user-friendly and aims to cater to both novice and experienced users. You also hold your own private keys, meaning you have full control of your funds all the time.

It will also introduce a copy-trader system where you can pay (BPT) to follow/copy an experienced trader’s moves and execute them. You can allocate a certain % of your holdings to use.

OriginTrail – 30 million market cap

Supply chain protocol (interoperability between other supply chain cryptos). Consistently meets new roadmap milestones every 2 weeks that are fully laid out for Q2 2018. Will have ability to stake any number of tokens if you wish to participate as a node, recently added to KuCoin, won Walmart’s food safety innovation spark award, abd the network is due to launch in Q3.

Bounty0x – 7 million market cap

Bounty0x will develop a decentralized platform where Bounty Hunters will be able to receive payment in tokens in exchange for completing bounty tasks for blockchain companies.

The ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of industries that would benefit from a decentralized workforce and bounty-oriented reward model. Freelancing is an industry that can takes big benefits from decentralization, and Bounty0x is working on this.

The coin will be soon added to other exchanges, at the moment it’s only on Kucoin. Beta version and marketing will begin in early mid of Q2. A listing on Binance, the release of the beta version and the start of marketing stuff, maybe everything during a new bull run, will take this coin to another completer different level.

ECC – 27 million market cap

Their focus is on blockchain for the masses. They are working hard at making a user interface/user experience the best in the crypto space – with the release of their new user interface “Sapphire” happening on April 20th. This will eventually bring three services with it:

  1. ANS (Address Name Services) – which will replace long wallet addresses with a nickname. This is being released shortly after Sapphire.
  2. Decentralized Messaging – End of Q2
  3. Decentralized File Storage – End of Q4.

Payfair – 6 million market cap

Decentralized escrow service. 10k coins allows you to run a trust node which entitles you to a portion of the escrow fees. Currently around 6 cents per token and the platform is set for release this month. A trust node currently costs about $1,000.

Phore – 18 million market cap

Most cryptocurrencies require a lot of technical knowledge. Its aim is to be easily accessible, so “even my grandma can use it” – using it as currency. Phore aims to build a blockchain infrastructure centered around a decentralized marketplace with a growing number of features, like decentralized crowdfunding in Q3. Phore Labs will become an incubator to create new blockchain technology and advance Phore further. Phore Scholarships, paid scholarships for young blockchain graduates to becoming a Core Developer at Phore.

Phore is evolving into one of the most flexible ecosystem with capabilities that will surpass others. The team operates on an aggressive release schedule to deliver updates on time or even faster. Phore is a fork of Pivx and will have additional features such as SegWit Integration, Atomic Swaps and Sidechains to allow additional features and dApps. The next feature being worked on is fundraisers via marketplace. The team is seasoned as the Phore team emerged from KTK. KTK was the first crypto project to host a decentralized marketplace in 2014. The team works hard and promotes their achievments rather than creating hype. Phore had no ICO or large premine and is self-funded: it operates on a tight monthly budget which is voted upon by Masternode holders.


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