Up on Game: From Robbing Banks to Stacking Bitcoin, My Involvement with Gangs, Bank Robbery, Prison – and Success in the…

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Bank robber turns to stacking Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency trader no longer needs banks.

The “Skinny Bandit” – a whiter-than-cocaine kid from the gang-filled streets of Otay in San Diego – who robbed banks to eat ironically no longer needs banks because of his steady success in Bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies. 

Meticulous and calculating, Richard Stanley continually evaded capture and grew brazen with each additional bank heist in the early 2000s. The robberies continued, and it appeared the FBI would never catch the elusive yet polite robber who went from teller to teller saying, “Put the money on the counter…” and walked away with thousands in cash in a clear plastic bag. 

Upon his sudden arrest, the shocking truth was finally revealed when this criminal mastermind who repeatedly outwitted authorities turned out to an 18-year-old kid from the Hispanic gang-filled streets of Otay in San Diego. 

Why did he rob banks?

The first time was for cash to buy a Taco Bell grande meal. 

Today, the Skinny Bandit is a successful entrepreneur, in legit business in the adult marketing world and the realm of escorts and exotic dancers, and a day trader in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

Richard Stanley did his time – seven-plus years in Donovan, a rough Southern California prison, where he hustled to stay up on game and where he experienced the real Orange Is the New Black – and where he witnessed the worst horrors of the prison system, from guards killing inmates to rampant drug use and the lengths desperate people go to get what they need (such as snacks, drugs, cell phones, and warm clothing). 

Warning to listeners: This audiobook contains offensive language and graphic descriptions of criminal activity.

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