Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Bitcoin: Learn How to Mine, Trade and Invest in Bitcoin and Earn…

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Have you ever wondered what bitcoin is?

Have you heard talk of it but never really grasped the concept?

Is it something you would like to invest in?

In the last 10 years or so bitcoin has evolved from being an oddity that was of interest to a select few, to becoming the talk of the financial world. Some people have made millions from it, while others have enjoyed more modest windfalls.

But will it ever become an accepted form of currency?

In this book, Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, you can find the answers to your questions through chapters that examine:

  • Where bitcoin came from
  • Why it exists
  • How it compares to other currencies
  • How it is traded
  • Choosing the best way to exchange
  • Buying process
  • Storing bitcoin
  • Mining
  • And more

Bitcoin is definitely an exciting prospect when it comes to making money, but there is much to be aware of before you take the plunge and buy your first coins.

But with Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide, you could be well on your way to acquiring, investing, mining and trading, and start making profit from your outlay in no time.

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