Bitcoin Billionaire: Bitcoin & Blockchain Wealth Creation




This fast-paced book brings the listener on an exciting deep dive into the wildly profitable global phenomena of blockchains, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Billionaire explores 186 business ventures making hundreds of millions of dollars in mining, trading, and improving the code of these new digital assets. The book profiles 114 spectacularly successful young men and women from all over the world, who have found high-income careers in this new economy. Follow them, watch, and observe their tactics and strategies in this undeclared race. This book studies them to see which of these entrepreneurs will be the first to net one-billion dollars of personal profit. It is a race that will have only one winner, but dozens of the people profiled will cross the finish line and become Bitcoin Billionaires!

The listener is taken to major Bitcoin and Ethereum conferences around the world where the global economy is being reshaped by these new blockchain technologies. Legal considerations like the United States SEC regulations and Chinese policies on cryptocurrency ICO coins and token investments are explored in depth. Whether your interests are investing or mining or simply to understand Bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptocurrency, this is the book for you. It is laid out in simple everyday terms and is easy to understand.

The book has a dedicated complimentary website where free samples of the audiobook may be heard. Listen to the first five minutes of the book, plus chapter five called “Open Source Mindset”, chapter six called “A Trustless Society”, chapter 15 called “Tips on Getting Started”, and chapter 16 called “Mistakes to Avoid”. 

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