Ultimate Blockchain Technology: Mega Edition – Six Books: Best Deal for Beginners in Blockchain, Blockchain Applications…

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The ultimate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology series

Need to learn clockchain quickly? This is the best deal for beginners looking for non-technical books to quickly get a grasp on these technologies. 

This crash course will get you up to speed on the basics quickly. This boxed series covers all important aspects of blockchain and its applications, especially in cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain is the driving technology behind cryptocurrencies, but it has applications to much more than cryptocurrencies, which is why everyone needs to know what it is. These books are easy-to-understand, without all the deep technical chatter.

These practical books are a must for listeners who want to quickly comprehend and learn the core fundamentals and dynamics of these fast-growing technologies. A must-listen for any modern technologist, business owner, analyst, or entrepreneur.

Blockchain Basics: A simple non-technical starter book that introduces the listener to the core fundamentals of this important expanding technology. Its application goes way beyond cryptocurrency.

Blockchain: The fundamentals, concepts, and logistics are explained in more detail but still without all the high technical jargon. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that has many applications, such as finance, security, banking, insurance, transportation companies, and much more. Blockchain can become a core fundamental component to all industries in the near future, similar to how the internet evolved over last 15 years.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a potential replacement of fiat money. This book covers how this sector is changing fast, how and why new ICO’s are coming out, and which Altcoins are expanding quickly. Understanding cryptocurrency is mandatory for any modern investor or business owner.

Bitcoin: Looking for a practical book on getting into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency right now? You’ve found it! Even those who have never used Bitcoin before are familiar with the cryptocurrency and have some idea of how it works. 

Bitcoin Investing: What started out as a simple currency that could be used online throughout the whole world while maintaining the anonymity of the user without any outrageous fees has gone on to take over the world. This book is going to discuss the basics of Bitcoin and how you can quickly get started trading, investing, buying, or just using Bitcoin to purchase items online. 

Bitcoin Mining: Quickly learn the basics on Bitcoin and how to set up a mining operation. 

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