The Blockchain Revolution: How Cryptocurrency Is Shaping The New Digital Economy




What If I Told You That YOU ARE EARLY To The Next Big Technological Revolution?

Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting ideas to come around in a long time. It empowers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, along with platforms such as Ethereum and Neo. It also has the potential to revolutionize banking by allowing for the safe, instant and permissionless movement of money across all borders.

We’ve seen this story play out time and time again. People used to laugh at investors who held Apple stock in the 90s. The use of email was written off as a joke. At one point in time, the entire internet itself was thought of as a fad that would soon fade away. Look where we are today. Now what if I told you that you are early to the next big technological revolution?

The Blockchain Revolution is a book written to be comprehensible for everyone who is curious about cryptocurrency, regardless of prior knowledge level.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at blockchain technology, including its past and future developments, and how it relates to cryptocurrency. We will cover everything you need to know before joining the crypto space.

Instead of jumping straight into investing, this book will first focus on how blockchain technology works, why it is valuable and how it is used by various cryptocurrencies. Then, it will also provide the tools needed to begin investing in this space safely and effectively. This will include step-by-step details on how to safely store your cryptocurrency, beginner mistakes to avoid, as well as tools used to interpret price graphs and market trends. The ending will include a simple tutorial on how to buy, transact and store your first cryptocurrency. When all is said and done, you won’t just understand this revolution. You’ll be a part of it.

Topics you can expect to learn about in this book include:

  • What is a blockchain and how does it work?
  • What is a Bitcoin and why is it valuable?
  • What is mining and why do we need it?
  • What is Ethereum and what is a smart contract?
  • How can blockchain technology be used in the real-world?
  • What is a crypto wallet and how do I use it?
  • How can I be sure my money is safe and isn’t hacked?
  • Are there other blockchain technologies that I should know about?
  • Could this technology replace institutions such as banks altogether?
  • What are the common beginner mistakes and how do I avoid them?
  • How do I invest and what do I need to know before investing?

If you’re ready to find out all of this and more, let’s begin!

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