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The Bitcoin Capital of the world!

“Where the Bitcoin flows from the power lines like honey from a hive.”

Enter the story of a self made home based Bitcoin miner and worker bee.

Learn the skills of achieving Health]Wealth & Wellness…AKA: Health and Wealthness

“I first started mining Bitcoin in 2009. Being a PC gamer and computer geek the idea that you could use your computer to run a program to search or “mine” the internet for money was intriguing. Intriguing was the fact that these Bitcoins had a value and yet they were essentially free. Keep in mind that this also a time in history of the devastating financial crisis, the Deep Recession when the house bubble burst, the price of gas doubled, and banks went bankrupt. Trust in the banks and currencies of the world were at an all-time low. So, when I first heard about Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and the potential value of Bitcoin…Well, I was all in. At the time it was known that there were 21 million Bitcoins out there in cyberspace and the cost to have them was computing power and electricity. It was a first-come, first-served basis and I wanted to be at the head of the line.(Teaser: The Bitcoin Capital, JVL).

“I believe the old saying, “Money can’t bring you happiness” is total BS. This is said by people who have money already. It’s used to brainwash poor children to distract their thoughts and feelings from their deprivation. To be perfectly frank, being poor is exactly that–poor! By definition, being poor is lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society. This poverty dilemma for me built strength of character and the drive to want more, to work harder for more, and to take the necessary steps to achieve change” (Teaser: The Bitcoin Capital).

“In this book, I’m going to talk about my roots, my life experiences, and how the heck I started mining Bitcoin. I currently maintain a healthy body through diet and exercise, and at the same time work full time, plus extra time writing this book and making investments. That’s not to mention mining Bitcoin and taking care of all family responsibilities! I want to share my knowledge and expertise on the human body and motivate you to take action toward your personal health and wellness. I’ve also had success planning and building a successful home-based Bitcoin mining operation, and I want to share some of my experience and knowledge so you can start your own Bitcoin mining farm.” (John Van Leyden)

The Bitcoin Capital is a must read for anyone curious about or interested in investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin as a career, and Bitcoin mining in retirement. John Van Leyden is a licensed clinician, Bitcoin investor, visionary, and Bitcoin miner since the beginning…living in the Bitcoin Capital of the world.

In this book he takes you on a tour “in Layman’s Terms” into the realm of Bitcoin investing, mining, and how to achieve a life of health, wealth, and wellness.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

*Bitcoin. What is it and where did it come from?

*Bitcoin mining from home. Should I, and how do I get started?

*Retirement preparation strategies and protocols.

*Investing of a lifetime.

*The digital age, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, virtual reality, money, and what’s to come…

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