Launch an ICO & Token Crowdsale: The Complete Guide to Prepare your Startup for Launching Successful Initial Coin…




Looking for the investment? Planning to organize an ICO? Want to learn how to Launch an Initial Coin Offering? Thinking of how to issue Tokens, develop Smart Contracts, register a Company, set KYC/AML, promote ICO campaign & collect finds? This Book will help you organize your ICO from A to Z. ICO (Initial coin/token offering) is a new crowdfunding mechanism for startups, allowing projects at an early stage to collect the necessary funds in a short period of time. Today, ICO is Low-Cost Growth Funding and it is the most convenient tool for attracting investments, including due to the lack of legal regulation and supervision. ICO is not just money. In addition to development funds, the young company receives a community of loyal users who can test new products and support the project in the market. But despite the apparent simplicity, a successful ICO is a complex method, which must be carefully prepared. During the book, you will learn how to prepare, launch, and promote ICO, understand the specifics of smart contracts and types of digital tokens, get acquainted with technical tools for releasing tokens, and learn how to place tokens on crypto-exchange exchanges and how to collect funds and raise capital. Book chapters 1. The Basics of Initial Coin Offering: What will you learn? ICO Dictionary. 57 important Terms, What is ICO (ITO), Venture Capital, Crowdinvesting & IPO? Philosophy of investment in a decentralized Economy, Risks for ICO investors, Models of investment Hygiene, The basics of Crowdsale Business Model. 2. Fundamentals & Economy of ICOs: Tokens and Digital Assets, Primary cost of one Token, Internal Value & Number of Tokens Issued for ICO, Pre-Sale of Crypto Tokens, Crowdsale. Appcoins Sale, Models of Smart-Contracts. 3. Before ICO: Ideal Initial Coin Offering, Analysis of failed ICOs. Possible mistakes in preparation for ICO, Does your company need ICO? ICO SCAM & Anti-Fraud, How much does ICO cost? Planning ICO Budget, Pre-ICO, ICO, Post-ICO (Pre-Sale, ITO / Crowdsale, Post-Sale), Geography of ICO, Life after ICO & Fulfillment of Commitments. 4. Preparing your startup for an ICO: Conditions for ICO investors. 20 tips, Milestones, Roadmap & Development plan, ICO Campaign Plan and Timeline, Startup Team and External Advisors, Financial, Marketing and Business Plan Outline, Attraction of investors and model of the distribution of tokens, Bounty campaign, Executive Summary, Pre-announcement & Community Involvement. Community Management, WhitePaper Structure, Yellow Paper, Stock Exchange Token Listings. 5. Website, video and presentation materials: Naming, Design & Brandbook, Work on the Website, Structure of the ICO Website, Video Production, Project Blog and Social Channels, Email Marketing. 6. Legal scheme and Legal Aspects of ICO: ICO Legal Terms, How to conduct an ICO and not break the law? Criminal Liability, Know Your Customer (KYC), Tax aspects of ICO, What is a Token from a Legal Point of View? Checking Token on Securities, Preparation of the Offer, Risks & Due Diligence, Escrow, Anti-Scam & Multi-sig Wallets, Choice of jurisdiction and company registration for ICO, ICO for the Fund, Choice of a Bank and Registering a Bank Account. 7. Promotion of ICO: marketing and PR campaign: ICO Target Audience, Media plan. 23 channels for a successful ICO Promotion, Content Marketing & Writing Articles, Targeted Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Traffic. 8. Technical development for ICO: 7 Blockchain Infrastructure Providers & Platforms for the Tokens Issue, Blockchain Programming Languages. Solidity. Hiring Programmers and Developers, a Technological audit of Smart Contracts, Anti-phishing & Blockchain Cybersecurity Rules, ICO Support. 9. Token Sale: Token Sale Terms, Instruction for buyers of the Token, Token Crowdsale, Storage and Transfer of Funds received by ICO, After ICO. 10. How to Launch a successful ICO? Full ICO Checklist: 110 Steps, Useful Links

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