Investing for Beginners: 5 Manuscripts – Why This is Your Last Chance to Buy Cryptocurrency and Experience 10X Profits…




If you don’t own any cryptocurrency because you believe the best days are over, this will be the most important message you ever read…

Here’s why. The 2017 crypto boom was only the start. So if you have a “If only I’d invested then…” mindset – you’re in luck. Because it’s not too late, and if you’ve been waiting for the “perfect” time to buy… Now is your chance. A rare opportunity to acquire cryptos, even the A-list coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum…at huge discount prices. And lock in potential gains of 100, 200% or even 1000% in less 12 months! Which means turning a modest $500 investment into $5000 or more! At this point you’re probably thinking, if everyone is so great… Why are prices so low compared to December and January? The reason for low prices can be explained in two simple words… Wall Street. These multi-billion dollar financial institutions like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are accumulating coins for their own accounts. And do you think they want to do this when prices are high? Hell no. They want to get their hands on as many coins as possible at the lowest possible prices. Which is why we’ve seen a dip in prices from the highs we saw in January. However, the good news is… You can take advantage of these temporary low prices as well! Because as many financial analysts are saying, the 2018 bull run will make the 2017 one look tiny by comparison. More new millionaires will be made than ever before. And even small initial investments can reap rewards that were previously unheard of. In this giant 5 book boxset you’ll discover:

  • A secret (but completely legal) way to buy coins on Coinbase without paying transaction fees – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year!
  • 7 giant cryptocurrency mistakes that are guaranteed to lose you money – and how you can avoid making them
  • A step-by-step guide on how to safely store your newly bought cryptocurrency
  • The number 1 period of time when you should NOT invest in a cryptocurrency (thousands have lost money by doing this)
  • The coin with revolutionary technology allowing anyone access to a supercomputer
  • One simple trick, so obvious yet overlooked by many investors, which could save over half off your tax bill
  • The coin spearheaded by a true blockchain visionary, and one of Forbes Asia’s Business 30 under 30 (I guarantee no other book will mention this one)
  • The undisputed biggest reason why amateurs LOSE money in the cryptocurrency market – and what you can do to prevent it
  • The only gaming coin with actual ties to the casino industry (this is vital for future growth)
  • The coin utilizing technology 10x faster and 50x cheaper than its current competitors and lists a Fortune 500 company as one if its customers
  • The 5 big things you need to examine before investing in a coin (following this checklist separates the great investments from the rest
  • How to legally invest in cryptocurrencies tax free …and much, much more! All explained in simple, easy to understand, non-technical language. Plus not one but two free bonuses inside! If you’re still on the fence, this may well be your last chance to take advantage of these low prices – because there won’t be another Wall Street… So if you want accelerate your financial goals and experience massive profits…scroll up and click “add to cart” to receive your book instantly! P.S. If you still don’t believe me, what if I’m right? How will you feel in 2 or 3 years when those who got in experienced 100%, 200% or even 1000% gains? And you’re left on the sidelines thinking “If only I’d invested then…” P.P.S. In previous books – Stephen Satoshi brought news of Neo at $7.30, Tron at $0.0002 and Monero at $43.16 – all of which are up over 500% since
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