Cryptocurrency: Mining for Beginners – How You Can Make Up To $18,500 a Year Mining Coins From Home




Discover the best ways to profit from mining crypto in 2018…

You might have thought mining cryptocurrency is no longer worth it. That the costs outweigh the rewards. And you’d be right – for Bitcoin. It’s true, the current upfront investment is too high to justify any returns. However, there are many other coins which are still very profitable. Coins you can mine on your PC or laptop. With no special hardware required. In fact, some of these coins will net you up to $50 a day. That’s an extra $18,500 a year. All from the comfort of your own home. In this book you’ll discover:

  • Why mining Bitcoin is no longer worth your time or money – Page 24
  • How to spot a mining scam – before you invest your money in it – Page 70
  • How you can mine coins on the go, directly from your cellphone – Page 79
  • A hidden way to profit from mining that doesn’t even involve mining yourself – Page 92
  • How to set up your own mining rig – Page 52
  • The most profitable Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency for passive income – Page 87
  • …and much, much more! …plus a free bonus report detailing 3 exciting microcap cryptocurrencies with great opportunity for profit in 2018. So if you’re ready to discover how you can potentially make an extra $18,000 from home this year. Then click “add to cart” to receive your book instantly

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