Cryptocurrency Guidebook Understanding Bitcoin: What You Should Know Before Investing (Understanding Cryptocurrency)




In early 2017 the Bitcoin cost $1000, 11 months later, its value has exceeded the $8000 mark. What has influenced such rapid growth? What can we expect from Bitcoin in the future? How can we make money on cryptocurrencies? About this and much more read in the book «Understanding Bitcoin» by Scott Bergman.

Cryptocurrency mining, trading, investing or storage – it doesn’t matter what you choose, you need to understand how everything is arranged. In this manual, the author presents, in simple and understandable language, everything that others might make too complicated or confusing.

Why This Book Is Different

This book was written by a professional financier and trader. In this book, the author explains the basic principles of how cryptocurrency works. This is the minimum that you need to know before investing. In another case, you face high risks to lose money, and can come across scammers. No other book on the subject explains so much, so simply and so succinctly. Read it, and learn about something that may change your life in ways you never imagined.

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This book is for you if:

  • You follow trends, and want to know more about blockchain revolution, cryptocurrency technologies, Bitcoin and altcoins

  • You have experience in a traditional investment area, and you are looking for new, attractive investment features

  • You have heard about Bitcoin, but you still don’t understand in what way it may help you to make money

  • You are interested in passive income, and consider options to earn money on the internet

  • You are going to multiply your savings

  • You are interested in how to use the technology of the future, today.

This is an occasion when you will buy a book for $2.99, and save a lot of time and money. You will not need to spend time researching on the internet and collecting pieces of information. Everything you should know before investing is here. This ultimate guide about cryptocurrency for beginners will protect you from scammers and fraud with ICO, pumps, fake exchanges, and wallets.

You can ask, what kind of guarantees there are? None. Because there are no technologies or tutorials that will replace your ability to use your head. Study thoughtfully, estimate all the pros and cons, evaluate facts and arguments, and remember that cryptocurrencies can provide two opportunities: to get rich or lose money.

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Investment opportunities come and go. Now is the era of cryptocurrencies, don’t miss your chance and buy it now! 

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