Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Financial History and the Future of Blockchain Technology




The Internet was an alien concept a few decades ago. However, the human race would be back in the dark ages without it. The global change in the world of commerce promises to revolutionize the entire political and economic order.

Cryptocurrencies lie at the heart of this change. Since the Bitcoin was invented in 2008, the term “cryptocurrency” has entered our lives. This technology is here to stay and it will simply keep getting better. Cryptocurrency is cheaper, safer, faster and easier to transact with, when compared to credit cards and paper money.

The technology that will have the greatest impact on the world economy and its future is blockchain technology. Yes, you read it correctly. It is not artificial intelligence, solar energy or even self-driving car. The first wave of the digital revolution got us the Internet that was full of information.

The second wave is bringing us blockchain technology. This is the age of making use of the Internet for creating more value. It can truly transform the manner in which business is conducted and the order of human affairs as well. This ingenious protocol allows transactions to be not only anonymous but secure as well.

Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin and several other digital currencies. Inside you will learn all there is to learn about cryptocurrency, why it is better than money, the different advantages it offers, about fractional reserve banking, the pros and cons of the federal reserve, Bitcoin and the different advantages. This learning will help you in the future as it’s not just about business. It also concerns individuals, including you and may change the way you deal with money in future!

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