Bitcoin – The Definitive Guide: Revealing Everything About Bitcoin, How it Works, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin Cash…




Bitcoin has really taken the world by storm and started a revolution.

But what exactly is Bitcoin and how did it become so popular? What makes Bitcoin so special above all the other cryptocurrencies and what does it actually do?

This book will reveal all and show you just how Bitcoin rose to fame and became the ground-breaking, world-leading cryptocurrency that it is today. More than that, it will teach you all the ins and outs about how Bitcoin works, break down the technical parts and show you how you can get involved – whether it’s trading, mining, investing or just owning bitcoins and making payments with them. By the end you will also be able to understand exactly how Bitcoin works, know all of the right places to go for certain things such as wallets, exchanges, mining, trading etc. and be able to make your own informed judgements and decisions! We will cover all of the key topics including:

  • What Bitcoin is, the benefits and its history.
  • How Bitcoin works and how it differs from traditional currencies.
  • How to buy bitcoin and use it around the world.
  • Getting started investing, trading and making money bitcoins.
  • How to start mining bitcoins and how mining works.
  • Wallets, exchanges and online platforms.
  • Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and how they all differ.

So if you’re ready to learn all about Bitcoin, get involved and begin your journey, let’s get started!

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