Bitcoin Log Book: Mining Bitcoin Log Book; Journal & Diary used for All Cyrptocurrency Trading Decisions; Wide Ruled…




Write everything down without being in your office. You will impress your colleagues with this cool Bitcoin Journal! When you use this Bitcoin Logbook, which is portable, you can work anywhere, in your favourite armchair or out on your deck. Lightweight and easy to tuck away, because you want to work where you choose. With this Log Book, you will * Write down ideas as quickly as they come to you * Have easy and effortless storage * Make a list * Draft a note to a friend * Make plans * Create retirement goals * Use any type of writing instrument * Have ample room for any writing style * All purpose use The Journal is 7.44” by 9.69” and has 135 pages. The finish is gloss which makes it easy to keep fingerprint free. What if you made this a gift for your friend? What if your To-Do List found its’ perfect home? There are no limits on which this book can be used! Buy this book now and increase your productivity without being in the office! Pick up your copy NOW by clicking the BUY NOW at the top of this page!

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