Bitcoin: Ayn Rand was wrong, Atlas never shrugged: A 50 year old dream




In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, all the people who work, contribute and produce start disappearing one by one as a result of the government attempting to take over all lines of work. These people are convinced to disappear by a man called John Galt. The whole country asks the same question, which also happens to be the motto for the book: “Who is John Galt?” Due to Bitcoin becoming so well-known and having regular appearances on headlines, everyone started looking for the creator of Bitcoin, who is still a mystery. Just like Atlas Shrugged, a similar question gnawed at the minds of people and made headlines: “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?” Why did we start with such a prologue? Because you cannot understand Bitcoin without reading Ayn Rand and understanding Friedrich Hayek. Because every revolution has an ideal foundation. Even though Bitcoin is a software revolution, it is also an ideal one. A revolution with roots reaching to the first days of humanity. A revolution that will take humans back to their essence. A revolution that may bring “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”, as Ayn Rand calls it. Bitcoin is a revolution against all third parties whom we believe to be trustworthy. It is a revolution against governments, banks, land registry offices, notaries and all intermediaries. It may very well be the foundation of a new world where only those who produce will rise, where borders will disappear; the utopia founded by John Galt for the hard-working people. The media did not say that a revolution has happened when the French Revolution occurred in 1789. People didn’t start thinking, “the concept of nation state is born and a new era has begun.” Only after 100-150 years it was understood that this movement was a revolution that marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Ayn Rand was wrong. Atlas never shrugged!

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