Bitcoin Astrology




Bitcoin has been the vehicle for the creation of a number of new millionaires. They were often the ones fortunate enough to have bought Bitcoin when its value was measured in pennies and then sell some of their holdings when Bitcoin was trading at tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases they have used their new-found wealth to start new businesses, to pay off long-standing debts, to promote charitable causes, and along the way, to become even more vocal Bitcoin advocates. It’s also true that Bitcoin has created consternation for central banks and government regulators around the world. Its transformational potential for upsetting the global economic apple cart is certainly being taken seriously by the powers that be. And yes, Bitcoin has been a key element in criminal activities and illicit enterprises. Some of its bedfellows have been particularly unsavory, and even dangerous to have as associates. Because of the ability to maintain privacy and conceal the amounts being transferred in discrete and unmediated person-to-person transactions, a digital wallet full of Bitcoin has in some situations become suspiciously synonymous with a suitcase full of cash. All of that – and much more besides – is documented in this breakthrough book. Bitcoin Astrology brings together some of the world’s top financial astrologers who examine the origins and history of the cryptocurrency, its social, economic and geopolitical impact, and the vital role it will play in the future in a new paradigm for an egalitarian economy. With the likes of Tim Bost, Bill Meridian, Goncalo Moreira, Christeen Skinner and Wendy Stacey involved, you know you’re getting the best astrological and technical experts available today. The book features in-depth analysis, Elliott wave studies, connections with Austrian Economics and Uranian Astrology from the Hamburg School, practical experiences, harmonic theories, specific Bitcoin trading strategies, and much more besides. Each of the contributors adds a unique perspective to the mix, resulting in an amazing synthesis of insights and inspirations. This remarkable volume also includes more than 50 key horoscopes to use in timing and analyzing Bitcoin market trends, along with illuminating comments on each horoscope chart. They tell a tale of fears and follies, of greed and altruism, and of fantasies and hope. But they also document important beginnings, and they make it clear that the story of Bitcoin is just getting started. In short, we anticipate adding many more horoscopes to this collection in the future. As we move through an intense period of planetary transformation between 2018 and 2022, and then into the years beyond, we are on the cusp of a new consciousness that will create fresh concepts and definitions of who we truly are as individuals, as communities, and as a planet. Our mission is to become intentional co-creators of that transformation, no matter what our personal backgrounds, beliefs, or resources may be. This ongoing process calls upon us to combine an empathetic understanding of shared human experience with the latest rapid-fire innovations in technology, and with astrology’s most sacred spiritual and alchemical roots. The ultimate role that Bitcoin and its progeny will play in that ever-changing amalgamation remains to be seen. But if we willingly embrace this unique opportunity by using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our personal commerce, and by actively creating innovative economic models for meaningful transactions, we are likely to be amazed. That amazement – that profound sense of wonder – can open up boundless new personal possibilities for us. It can also become a steady fire for the alembic of even greater transmutations to come. It’s truly a mind-boggling prospect – and you’ll find the first steps in the process in the pages of Bitcoin Astrology. Be sure to get this book today so you can prepare for the bold new world of tomorrow!

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