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This Blockchain bookIncludes 3 Books:

Blockchain Basics 2019: The New UpdatedInvesting Bible for Cryptocurrency Economy

Blockchain Ethereum 2019: An Ethereum Investing Guide for the Next Digital Gold

Blockchain Mining: TheUgly Truth About Cryptocurrency Mining (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple)

Blockchain Basics 2019– The New Updated Investing Bible for Cryptocurrency Economy

Here’s what you’ll learn from this book: ✓Introduction ✓Bitcoin Basics ✓Crypto-Chronicles ✓Working with Blockchain ✓The Blockchain Revolution ✓Crypto Connections ✓Advantages & Disadvantages ✓Why is it called Blockchain?✓ Changing Transactions andBlocks ✓Double Spending ✓Exchange of Value on the Blockchain ✓Distributed Consensus ✓Blockchain Applications ✓Sidechains ✓Non-Bitcoin Blockchain ✓SmartContracts ✓Blockchain in Business Negotiations ✓Implementing BlockchainTechnology ✓Blockchain and the Government Regulations ✓Not Currency ✓Owners ofBitcoin ✓Problems From Government ✓Shut Down of the Silk Road ✓Impact ofBlockchain in the Finance Industry ✓The Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency✓Security of  Blockchain ✓CryptocurrencyInvesting Tips ✓5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trading Crypto ✓How to BuyCryptocurrencies ✓Types of Cryptocurrencies ✓Blockchain Glossary

Blockchain Ethereum 2019 – An Ethereum Investing Guide for the next Digital Gold

Here’s what you’ll learn from this book: ✓ Introduction ✓ Ethereum Basics ✓ Might Bitcoin Die in 2019? ✓ The Future of Ethereum ✓ Lifecycle ✓ ActiveTrading/Speculation

Blockchain Mining – TheUgly Truth About Cryptocurrency Mining

Here’s what you’ll learn from this book: ✓Introduction ✓Why The Basics of Cryptocurrency Will Make YouQuestion Everything ✓Getting Started with MiningCryptocurrencies ✓The Ugly Truth About CryptoMining ✓Cracking The Network Difficulty Metric Code ✓5 Cryptocurrencies Mining mistakes you need to avoid ✓Double Your Profit With These 6 Tips on How ToMake Money With Cryptocurrency Mining

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