Absolute Easiest, Metal Detecting Guidebook: Your pathways to find more treasures!




Absolute easiestMetal DetectingGuidebook Your pathways to find more treasures!What makes this book “Special?”Don’t mistake this for a quick read.The overall number of pages exceed ones expectation, it has a multitude of drawing and illustrations, and many, many photos. With an added bonus… it’s up to date, written in 2019. How could you possibly go wrong with an up to date book. We are here to help you gain years of knowledge in the pages of this book. This is one of those books that you read and keep in your detector travel bag. It’s one of those books that will never see a shelf, and will become tatter, worn and dirty from traveling with you to the treasure sites.You Finding Treasure – This is our goal, these words will give you a jump start into a hobby of fun, sun and treasure hunting, this knowledge is just waiting for you. Uncovering The Mystery – How many times have you stepped over your pot of gold, missed a great adventure or walked by some forgotten history?This is a Wealth of Information – A few evenings of written knowledge to save you many hours of aggravation. This book gives you a practical advantage over your fellow hunters.Within these pages are basic ideas on how, where and why, all the while grabbing your interest from a more experienced and seasoned detectorist. Giving you answers to questions that you may not have even thought of. The purchasing of a great guidebook is an investment in your favorite hobby. We have written this book for the unskilled and new to metal detecting individual, in a personal and easily understand way. This book has many visual aids and photos to help with the concepts and strategies. How can this book help you?○Starts out very basic, while answering your entire question.○We give you ways to test, practice and learn before the hunt. ○We help you solve the mystery of how your detector works.○There are beginner and advanced resources and where to look.○Before hunt, during hunt and post hunting knowledge.○Terms and definitions, plus of the lingo and slang.○Explore ways to find gold, coins, caches, meteorites, and lost treasures.○Guide you in choosing accessories that you need.Here is a few of the many features and benefits included.Feature – It’s a GuidebookBenefit – Useful tips & infoFeature – Drawings & IllustrationsBenefit – Easier to understand Feature – Beginner’s knowledgeBenefit – Higher quality treasureFeature – Photo’s & GraphsBenefit – Where to buyFeature – Supplies & AccessoriesBenefit – Making the hunt easier

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