Legit Websites to Get Free Bitcoin

These are the top websites to get free Bitcoin. Each website listed has been tested and Bitcoin has been successfully withdrawn. After spending several days playing with each one, a realistic expectation is some gas money each month. Don’t expect to get rich off any of these sites. I’ve found them to be great time killers in between running errands.

If you were anything like me a few years ago, you might feel like experimenting a little before you actually spend money on a digital currency.

If you are ready to jump in and spend some money without games, Coinbase is a great place to start. Its free and requires minimal amounts to start.

Playing games to make free Bitcoin is a great way to get started without sticking thousands of dollars into purchasing bitcoin.

It’s also important to understand that when looking for faucets, you’re going to run into many sites that are less-than-reputable, or straight up scams that attempt to scalp information from you. Almost all faucet sites use ads as a way to make money back from the small amounts of BTC they give away, and it can sometimes be horrid to look at and experience, especially when you run into pop-up after pop-up.

If you sign-up after clicking on a referral link, I will receive a small amount of satoshi (usually 5-50% more) whenever you use the faucet. It’s not subtracted from what you are rewarded when using the faucet.

A satoshi is 0.00000001 of a bitcoin just for future reference.

I’ll also state that I don’t work for or receive commission from any of the sites that I recommend, I’ve only been using them for a while and found them to be better than other faucets out there.

Also, if you plan on signing up for a faucet site, I recommend using an email address you don’t use for anything important and a password you haven’t used before as well. This is a just-in-case measure that I recommend taking when dealing with getting anything for free. Many sites have anti-adblock javascript which prevents you from using adblock or ublock, though if you use google you should be able to find a way around that if it really bothers you.


How it works: EarnCrypto is lets you get free cryptocurrency (of your choice) from a variety of methods. You can watch videos with ads, complete surveys, signup for email lists, perform data entry, and a plethora of other small tasks. Task time takes anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes, with the payout varying per complexity. Surveys seem to pay the most if you quality for highly specific ones. Minimum payout is around $9 USD in the currency of your choice. If you want to perform miscellaneous tasks throughout the day, while you wait in line, in between things, during downtime, this is the site for you. You won’t get rich, but it is easy gas money.


How it works: You register and click a button to gamble for free Bitcoin every hour. Most of the time you will win anywhere between 0-2 cents USD worth of Bitcoin. However, you can easily click every hour and there is a very minuscule chance you will win up to 0.01 worth of Bitcoin, or around $100 USD. The website includes some other gambling methods. You can win a decent amount of Bitcoin with minimal effort, but the website also provides many ways for you to lose in with high risk high reward scenarios. You don’t have to actually invest any of your own money for this.


Not exactly a website, but you can download their app which will automatically mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies for you, changing each hour based on what will make you the most money based on your computer specifications and coin market conditions. This does use your processing power and can slow down your computer and cause heat stress if you blast at the highest settings. For our own use, we set it to 1 or 2 and let it run while performing every day tasks. This is another easy gas money method and requires no input from you once it is setup. You can read more about Minergate in our post, “Is Minergate Safe to Use”


A Bitcoin faucet which lets you claim a random amount of Bitcoin every 15 minutes, up to 5,000 satoshi, or about 60 cents USD. The downside is the page is covered with ads you must view. You will also receive a 5% daily bonus based on how much Bitcoin you’ve claimed each day. The site also has an option to fill out offers and surveys for additional Bitcoin.

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