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The ICO Start on February 1st to secure ArbiTraCoins at a price of $0.10 each. Deposits to their wallets are through Ethereum and Bitcoin.

ArbiTraCoin is an independent self-regulated financial payment technology, which operates with no third parties like banks, governments or other institutions. ArbiTraCoin is completely open-source, so everyone can take part and everyone is completely independent like we all desire.

The difference between Bitcoin and ArbiTraCoin is that ArbiTraCoin provides several investment opportunities with insider cryptocurrency information. The reason why the price will rise quicker than any other coin is because ArbiTraCoin uses completely new developed methods like Arbitrage software and trading signals so the users can increase the value of the invested capital exponentially by methods like Landing and Proof of Staking. Thus the demand will increase too, but the number of coins will be limited and stay the same.

Arbitracoin works with a highly complex software developed especially for this coin. It looks for the current price of many available coins (for example Bitcoin) on more than 100 exchanges to find the lowest price. It will also identify the exchange with the highest price. The software will immediately buy low and sell higher if it has enough lending investment on these exchanges available. The price difference between both exchanges will be the profit going into the Arbitracoin network and shared amongst investors based on their chosen investment plan.


Total Supply: 350,000,000
ICO: 80,000,000
ICO Commission: 12,800,000
ICO date: February 1st
Symbol: ATC
Decimal places: 8
Coin base maturity: 30 blocks
Block spacing: 3 minutes
Price start: $ 0.10
Time zone: London

Phase 1 – Launch and Loading (after ICO 02/2018)

Investors’ lending will be used to provide liquidity on the exchange platforms. The higher the investment, the more exchange platforms can be loaded with a larger volume of liquidity. This will enable faster and larger trades with bigger profits. Based on arbitrage profits seen during the pre-launch phase of the Arbitracoin software with limited liquidity, we expect the price of Arbitracoin to reach $5.03 within a couple of months after launch and $9.58 by July 2018. Our projections show that there is enough profit potential for the Arbitracoin Market Cap to reach 2.2 to 4.8 Billion USD through Crypto Arbitrage trading alone. This would equate to a price of 40.09 USD per coin by the end of the year. Phase 1 has the highest daily interest on lending and staking.

Phase 2 – Internal Growth (early 2019)

The use of Arbitracoin can be extended to any type of financial instrument in the future such as bonds, stocks, derivatives, commodities, and fiat currencies. Because these instruments have a trade volume of several Trillion USD, Phase 2 would require Arbitracoin lending amounts to exceed 2018 levels by a very large factor. Once the lending investment is high enough, the arbitrage software will be able to tap into the next most profitable financial instrument. The software and coin are already suitable to be extended in this direction today. There is almost no limit to the profit potential – the true rate-limiting factor is the lending amounts investors are able to contribute to the system. This is where the daily interest rate is very important early on. The sooner Arbitracoin reaches phase 2, the bigger the financial prospect of the platform and the coin. Keep in mind that the daily lending interest offered during Phase 1 will be officially adjusted and potentially reduced for new lending in Phase 2 based on the performance or the Arbitracoin network at that time!

Phase 3 – External Growth (end of 2019)

Because of its unique features, we expect other financial institutions and investment firms to start using Arbitracoin for fast and secure movement of liquid funds and trading. The goal is to make Arbitracoin the number one arbitrage trading currency in the world with annual profits of several Billion USD and a price of 73.1 USD per coin before 2020. The team of developers will continuously work to improve the Arbitracoin payment and trading network to attract large financial institutions. This is where ATC Network commissions are very important: The faster Arbitracoin grows in popularity and external use applications, the sooner phase 3 will be completed successfully.

Phase 4 – (2020 and beyond)

The second goal would be achieved almost automatically after phase 3 – to make Arbitracoin one of the leading crypto currencies in the world with a market capitalisation above 35 Billion USD and a price above 101.38 USD per coin. By 2021 we expect this to be a small fraction of the total crypto currency market capitalisation. Our goal is to establish Arbitracoin in the top 25 crypto currencies of the future. The interest rates of the staking system by then will be very small (1.66% per month) and go down below 1% thereafter. The same will be true for lending. At this point we expect Proof Of Stake (PoS) income from validating worldwide Arbitracoin payment transactions to outweigh income from the Arbitracoin internal lending platform. At this point, Arbitracoin should be considered an excellent store of value on top of that.

Read the full Whitepaper.


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