Don’t know how to get started with NFTs? TOP 3 NFT marketplaces are here for you!

Don't know how to get started with NFTs? TOP 3 NFT marketplaces are here for you!

The technology of NFT was created in 2017. Due to this technology, a contemporary asset, which incorporates precise info has appeared withinside the world. The utilization of NFTs may be terribly wide. NFTs can be an investment tool, because of the fact their cost can broaden and acquire very unreasonable values. NFT can be a … Read more

Cryptology Review | Current Crypto Trading

Cryptology Review

What is cryptology? Find out the key data for crypto traders, new features review, future trading, spot exchange, countries, and pros and cons. The platform for exchanging cryptocurrency called Cryptology is a convenient place for crypto-assets traders as well as for investors. The service can be taken advantage of by both new users and more … Read more

Wrapped Bitcoin and DeFi (WBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin and DeFi

You might have come across the term “wrapped Bitcoin” in the DeFi space. How is it possible that (wrapped) Bitcoin is available on Ethereum, even though Bitcoin is on another block chain? And why would you use wrapped Bitcoins in the first place? In this post I’ll try to answer these questions. Guide by u/Fantastic-Cucumber-1 … Read more

Blockchain Oracles and DeFi

Blockchain Oracles and DeFi

What are oracles? How do they work? And how do smart contracts benefit from them? I’ll try to answer these questions in this post. Guide by u/Fantastic-Cucumber-1 Blockchain Oracles You may have heard of the Oracle problem. This problem is actually a very simple limitation, and that is that blockchains cannot retrieve or send data … Read more

The DeFi Guide to Liquidity Pools

The DeFi Guide to Liquidity Pools

You may have come across the theory of liquidity pools in the Defi ecosystem. But what are liquidity pools and how do they work? And why do we really need them in decentralized finance? In this post I will explain how they work, their main benefits and general aspects. Guide by u/Fantastic-Cucumber-1 What are liquidity … Read more